What is NIE number?

The NIE number is unique and linked to you as a person. Anyone with economic, professional or social affairs in Spain must have an NIE number. Often called Identification number for foreigners or immigration number.

It is a good idea to apply for an NIE number well in advance of buying a home to avoid delaying the takeover process. The NIE number is required to be able to perform almost any practical task in Spain. This includes buying real estate, taking paid work or studying, starting a business, applying for a driver’s license or receiving an inheritance in the country. NIE always starts with an “X” or “Y” followed by seven numbers and a letter.

Where to apply for NIE?

We apply for an NIE number for all our customers who have either decided to buy a home in Spain, or have recently reserved a home.

You can apply for an NIE number at the Spanish National Police Station (Comisaria) or at your nearest immigration office (Oficina de Extranjeria). There are often long queues here, so it can pay to show up early. It is often necessary to book an appointment to submit the application documents. It is also possible to apply to Spanish embassies abroad, or the Spanish embassy in Oslo.

Documentation required to apply for NIE

  • Two copies of application form , completed. Must be signed in the presence of an official
  • Tax form (model 790) . To be filled in directly on the website and can then be downloaded. Only first page printing is required here.
  • Residence confirmation
  • Original passport and passport copy and 2 passport photos of you.
  • Bank receipt for paid fee of around 10 €.

PS: Bring all copies yourself, as you can not always make prints at the public offices.

Processing time for NIE

Normal processing time for NIE numbers today varies from a few weeks to 3 months.


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