Buying a home in Spain

Buying a holiday home in Spain is a big decision. It can feel difficult to navigate the large selection of homes, areas and brokerage firms. We know your situation well after helping over 500 Norwegians find their dream home in Spain. To make it easy for you, we have put together an overview of how a normal buying process is with us.

Introductory conversations and mapping

When you contact us, one of our experienced real estate advisers will help you get an overview of what opportunities are available to you. Together, we map which areas may be relevant and what kind of housing is available.

  • Mapping of wishes and needs with a locally known Norwegian real estate consultant.
  • Conversations about the local area in relevant areas, desirable activities and facilities.
  • Review of current homes, regardless of location to give a good picture of the dream home.
  • Information on financing and purchase process.
  • Planning a viewing trip to Spain. At least 3 working days set aside for guiding and tours.
  • Conversations before departure. By phone, online meeting or physical meeting if possible.
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On our viewing tours, you only cover airline tickets yourself.

Read about viewing tours here

Views in Spain

We recommend at least 3 working days with us in Spain. During these days, you will be well acquainted with your favorite areas and get to see all the relevant homes. We will also make sure that you have all the information about costs and purchase process.

If you travel to Spain on your own, we arrange the days as it suits you.

Travel day (tour)

  • Transport and accommodation at hotel.
  • Meeting with a Norwegian real estate advisor with a short review of the days.
  • Review of the vicinity of the hotel with recommendations.

First viewing day

  • Guiding in all relevant areas together with an experienced Norwegian real estate advisor.
  • Views of some homes to give an impression of what might be interesting.
  • If area is determined, we arrange several views.

Second viewing day and until the correct accommodation is found

  • Views of all current homes in your favorite areas.
  • Careful review of the relevant areas, facilities and distances.
  • Review of floor plans, technical assessment and properties of relevant homes.

When the right home is found

  • Estimation of all additional costs and expected annual costs.
  • Review of reservation contract with lawyer.
  • Negotiation with seller or developer.
  • Signing of reservation contract and payment of deposit.
  • Conversations about changes, materials and furnishings.
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You do not have to travel to Spain again until the home is ready for takeover.

We take care of everything!

After reservation of accommodation

We arrange everything on your behalf in Spain by proxy. We solve all signatures from you by e-mail and regular mail.

  • Power of attorney between buyers and our lawyers. This allows us to carry out the entire purchase process on behalf of the buyer. Can be performed in both Norway and Spain.
  • Application for NIE number. Can be performed before traveling to Spain.
  • The lawyer collects all documents and has any encumbrances deleted.
  • We create a bank account for you in Spain.
  • Formal takeover by Notary. It takes about 2 months before we receive the original deed.

Total takeover time varies, but if you do not have an NIE number, you must expect 2-3 months if the home is ready for occupancy.

After takeover

After taking over from a notary, we need around 2 weeks to get everything in place so the home can be used. For example electricity and water.

  • We create automatic deductions for water, electricity, common expenses, property taxes, renovation and insurance from your Spanish bank account.
  • Inheritance planning, writing a will with our lawyer.
  • Establishment of contact with our service department.
  • The service department helps with, among other things, internet, TV and key service.
  • Offer from lawyer for annual tax return.


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